Life to Eagle

Below you will find everything you need to complete your journey. Before you begin, let's make sure you are up to date on a few items.

Do you have the following?:

  • Binder with Eagle Application, Eagle Project, copy of scouting record, baseball card inserts that contain all of your merit badges and rank advancements, any certificates received in scouting.
  • Sash with all your merit badge's sewn on it
  • Complete Field Uniform (shirt, pants, socks, neckerchief, and slide) with all current patches sewn on shirt.

Once the above is secured, you can move to the Life Scoutmaster Conference. During your conference you should be prepared to discuss your eagle project. You will be given a Scoutmaster project as well. This will be similar to the project type given when you became Star.

Contacts for Cherokee District Eagle Project and District Board of Review.

              David Wright:  Phone: 502.560.2941 / 502.291.1276. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

              Steve Byers:    Phone: 502.693.6999 / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can find the Eagle Project Workbook in the forms section of this website. Please read over it thoroughly before you begin. It is recommended that you print out a copy to use as your working copy. You will also use this copy to obtain all the signatures for your project. Save the pages with the signatures. Once complete, you can open the downloaded copy and use the fill forms function to fill in the workbook. Once complete, you can print this copy in triplicate and attach the siganture pages to it.

Project Workbook

Next comes your eagle application. This can be downloaded from the forms page on this website. Please read it carefully before you begin. Click on the Eagle checklist to help you when filling it out.

Eagle Application

Prior to your District Eagle Board of Review, you will have an Eagle rank scoutmaster conference, followed by a Troop Eagle Board of Review. (Please see the Eagle checklist for more on this).

After successful completion of your District Board of review, you can begin planning your Eagle Court of Honor. You can download the ECOH from our forms page or make up your own ECOH. Remember, it is your ceremony.

Troop 765 Eagle Court of Honor

Along with the planning of your ceremony, you can begin sending out letters to local and national figures and dignitaries. You will find a list on our forms page as well as a sample letterhead.



Troop 765